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Here’s some insight about our history. Founded in Portugal, we carefully and passionately work in interior design since 2005.
MOODMINTDESIGN is a fast-growing international eCommerce company for home & living, we represent a very special team of design experience, love by colors and high quality levels.
Our products are handmade, ensuring an amazing quality and a stunning end result!
So we can reach every home, we created MOODMINTDESIGN online, and every product is a heart made piece, for everyone who loves HOME. Our goal is to offer everyone a comfy, beautiful and unique home.
Everyday we work for your home and everything we offer has a person or story behind it.
A single armchair takes up 150 to 200 hours of skilled labor to make. First the frame is constructed from wood that has been found clear of any defects.The foundation is then set for padding, each part is separately padded as well, the arms are done next in the same basic fashion, every piece and panel that will be fabric covered must be measured and recorded in a cutting list. Other parts to be covered, like the back or its sections, may require machine sewing and the attachment of pull tabs that will allow the fabric to be stretched between frame slats and secured. After the sofa is flipped and covered, finishing touches are then applied… and for this reason our delivery time is 5/6 weeks.

Moodmintdesign is for the crazy ones, the rebels, the troublemakers, the design fans, the home lovers and the ones who see things differently.

Maybe we are crazy, but we inspire, explore and create to offer a work of art to all MOODMINTDESIGN LOVERS.

Design is so simple…that´s why it´s so complicated…

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